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Population of Mobara-shi

[May 1, 2020]

The Basic Resident Registration Act was revised on July 9, 2012, and foreign inhabitants shifted to Basic Resident Register.
From for August, 2012, we publish the total of Japanese and foreign inhabitants.

As of May 1, 2020 (compared with the month before)


  • 43,306 men (±0)
  • 43,954 women (-15)
  • 87,260 people (-15) in total


  • 528 men (-45)
  • 841 women (-16)
  • 1,369 people (-61) in total

The total of Japanese and foreigner

  • 43,834 men (-45)
  • 44,795 women (-31)
  • 88,629 people (-76) in total

It is the number of the households as of May 1, 2020

Household only for Japanese

39,655 households

Household only for foreigner

626 households

Household of plural nationality

503 households

The total

40, 784 households

Population composition list (as of each 1st)

It becomes constitution list of Japanese people to Japanese + foreigner inhabitants, the second page to the first page. Please be careful on print.

※As both constitution tables are the number of all households which included foreign inhabitants about the number of the households, please be careful.

Constitution list according to capital letter

Age-specific constitution list

Changes in population

※Person wanting to know population of the prefecture other municipalities, please refer to homepage of Chiba. (we open with the other window)


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