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Edition is completed in "mobara life guidebook" 2015!

[December 22, 2017]

We distribute to all city households free sequentially!

Edition was completed in "mobara life guidebook" which compiled administrative information of city and information such as public facilities, medical institution 2015. We distribute to all city households free sequentially from December 2.

In addition, please utilize by all means as I hand to person moved into in the city at any time at citizen's section window (the second floor).


Finished "mobara life guidebook" 2015 version and "Mobara oldness and guide"

About "mobara life guidebook" 2015 version

This guidebook is made by city and public-private collaboration business of ZENRIN, and expense required for issuance, distribution is provided with for all insertion charges without hanging budget of city.


Correction and apology

In "mobara life guidebook 2015 version," there was error.

After apology, we correct as follows.

[correction point] 

Classification of P10 - 12 "evacuation site table"

(mistakenly) orange evacuation site, blue evacuation site and refuge (can stay)

(plus) blue evacuation site, orange evacuation site and refuge (can stay)

Reference of P18 "civic bus (mobasu), demand traffic" (contact)

It is question citizen's section (20) 1502 (mistakenly)

(plus) question City Planning Division (20) 1546


Page for "mobara life guidebook" 2,015 years for


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Telephone: 0475-20-1512 fax: 0475-20-1601

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