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[December 14, 2017]

The welfare medical care sectional meeting inspection training environmental on December 1, 2017

This inspection asked Katori joint administration bloc office work association which performed rate revision of burning garbage bag in December, 2016 about story about process of reduction in price of burning garbage bag.

Because processing expense greatly fluctuated by various factors such as review, population decline of integration and abolition and collection of disposal facilities transportation, repair, update accompanied with deterioration of facility and capital spending as reason of review, and inhabitants bore a part, we seemed to perform review about all fees except thing established in legality for the purpose of inspecting appropriate benefit principle.

In this training, we learned about reduction in price process of burning garbage bag and a large number of questions rose from director who participated and could perform active exchange of opinions, and it was the very significant training.

November 26, 2017 lecture

We hold lecture under Chosei-gun City Residents' Association Network and the cosponsorship every year in Mobara-shi self-government chairperson federation.

In this year, we invited Tomo Shishikura Tsuzuki of shakaii*hojinshadanseihokaishishikurabyoinrijicho and had you give a lecture on citizen triage about disaster prevention, genwazawai, anti-disaster measures and refuge administration to perform under the theme of "about medical relief at the time of disaster" in individual and area, residents' association.

From participant because "lifestyle must spend dozens of days with different many people from a few days when evacuated to refuge at the time of disaster, it was revealed that had various problems at refuge. We thought that you must talk about future refuge administration in area, residents' association." On "emergency, it turned out that you must help each other in area." There was opinion "that could hear concrete story, and understood actually possible problem.", and there was answer when 97% of participants were good at all and were good and was very significant lecture.

The from 26 to 27 on October in 2017 accommodation inspection training

In Higashimatsuyama-shi of Saitama that visited by inspection this time, there is 119 unit residents' association now, participation rate is 68. It is 96%. We heard story from all of unit residents' association of alliance organization "Higashimatsuyama-shi Residents' Association federation".

Higashimatsuyama is famous for festival "Japan three-day march" of walking, but all people supporting the meeting participate as volunteer. Point where residents' association was engaged in event on behalf of city positively served as a reference with great interest.

The September 1, 2017 disaster prevention crime prevention sectional meeting inspection training

We inspected disaster prevention on-site training facility "sona area Tokyo" in Tokyo seaside wide area disaster prevention park.

Country and local public entity cooperate, and, in Tokyo seaside wide area disaster prevention park, emergency restoration is active for wide area where the metropolis and districts are unavailable for alone or serious damage, and profit is wide area disaster prevention base of utilized nucleus effectively as attractive city space where people rest in normal.

By this inspection, we participated in disaster prevention experience "Tokyo 72h TOUR using tablet terminal underneath". We learned about 72-hour survival method after the earthquake occurrence and felt importance of exercise and the preparation from day again.

May 20, 2017 regular general meeting holding

221 (109 proxy of them) chairpersons of cause 2017 Mobara-shi self-government at attendance federation regular general meeting was performed in Mobara-shi government office citizen room. We nominated Tsuyusaki of Morikawacho Residents' Association (Mobara district) for the chairperson from the executives, and there was explanation, and it was approved according to the original bill as a result of valuable opinion, discussion about business schedule and income expenditure budget bill, revision of terms, part reelection of officer in 28 business report and audit and 29 by the executives.
In addition, the conferment of chairperson commendation and mayor commendation was performed by Chairperson self-government that it was made an effort for residents' association activity for local activation for a long time, and was retired from.
Please see this about officer reelection in detail.


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