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January 1, 2018 issue (as for the public information rose No. 1025)

[January 1, 2018]

As for the public information about rose

"Rose provides public information" as insert to newspaper subscriber and installs in windows of city hall Government building and public facilities. Acquisition mails toward the impossibility by these methods individually.
For more details, please see these contents.
In addition, please see these contents in detail as we are readable at smartphone and tablet terminal.

January 1, 2018 issue

Public information is rose January 1, 2018 issue cover, too

To new age with wish

・Greetings (P2 - 3) of the New Year
・December, 2017 revised budget (P5)
・The situation (P7) such as administration of Mobara-shi personnel administration

January 1, 2018 issue

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