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About Mobara-shi official web site

[March 4, 2015]

Mobara-shi official web site basic policy (site policy)

We produce by the following policies and apply so that anyone uses information to offer in official web site (called "this site" as follows.) without trouble comfortably in Mobara-shi.

Consideration to usability

We perform navigation that it is easy to use to have we do appropriate "grouping of information", and reader use without stress to be able to easily arrive at information (contents) that reader wants to know in pursuit of usability (usability) in this site.

Consideration to Web accessibility

Web accessibility means "thing that elderly person or person with a disability are people with limitation for mental and physical function, but accesses information provided regardless of physical condition in age on the Web, and is available", and all people who used this site acquire the same information and point to function and service being available easily.
In this site, every possible according to requirements that standard shows according to "2010 JIS X 8341-3" Japanese Industrial Standards that is guideline to consider the use of homepage of person with a disability, elderly person; cope.

But we are inapplicable that following web pages and files were considered enough by accessibility because there is not.
  • Page including contents such as video, Flash
  • Document file such as PDF, Excel, Word

Correspondence to sound reading software

We introduced reading support software so that even person with sight obstacle used contents. In addition, we refer text information (alt attribute) that expressed the contents to images and cope with reading.

Contents that it is easy to see and is easy to understand

We found differences between letter color and contrast of luminosity of background color and size, space between the lines enough and considered easiness in seeing to raise readability of sentence. In addition, we keep publication by expression that we avoid use such as technical terms as much as possible and are easy to understand in mind.

Link policy

As for the link to this site, it is in principle link-free without performing procedures in particular. But please note that you may ask for deletion of link when you judge Mobara-shi to let site contents of origin of link give thing, third party and Mobara-shi that are against laws and ordinances and policy of law disadvantage or lose trust. In addition, please do not perform setting to let you display this site in frame when you set link.

Copyright Policy

As a general rule, copyright about contents (text, image, PDF) to publish in this site belongs to Mobara-shi. But original work author owns copyrights such as some images. Across range of "private use" and "quotation" in Copyright Law, we cannot do conversion, quotation, replication without permission.

About disclaimers

  • We make sure of accuracy of all information that we placed in this site, but misprint and incomplete description may be included.
  • We do not take responsibility for the damage that covered by reader using this site and placed information. In addition, about link to other sites, we do not warrant linked page contents. Similarly, we do not take responsibility about contents of other sites linking for this site either.