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[March 4, 2015]

About "mobara facility map"

We use Google map in "mobara facility map". Please use along Terms of Use of Google map.
  • By time of data making, part of notation of placement and facility name of building in map may be different from the latest thing.
  • We change some or all, and this function may stop without announcing previously beforehand.
  • Depending on environment of the use, it may take time before case and map which are not available are displayed.

About automatic translation function

We translate into English, Chinese (simplified Chinese character, Chinese Traditional), Korean automatically. But, for automatic translation, it is not necessarily faithful translation.

About usage of search

In Mobara-shi official web site, Google Search is available.
Please note that you may take a given period of time because information of new website is reflected by Google Search by search results.

Google Search precautions matter

It may take time until the latest information is reflected by search results.
Please refer to Google help center (you open with window) for search method.


We use Google Analytics to grasp the use situation of site in Mobara-shi official web site. Google Analytics collects information of user using Cookie. About explanation about Terms of Use of Google Analytics, look at site (you open with window) of Google Analytics.