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Mobara-shi mobile site

[March 22, 2015]

We make mobile site and are released to access information about municipal administration anywhere anytime in Mobara-shi.

We make use of real time-related portability of cell-phone and send various information. Please use.

Mobara-shi carrying site address is as follows.

Person who has cell-phone with bar code reading function

We can jump to model choice screen of mobile site when we read lower bar code.

Portable QR code

Main contents of portable site

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  • What's New
  • Sightseeing, event information
  • Urgent information, disaster prevention information (we place information such as lists of evacuation sites)
  • Security information (we place suspicious individual information, information such as the crime occurrence situation)
  • Holiday on-duty doctor, night medical treatment
  • City hall telephone book
  • Citizen bus (we place information such as rate, timetable)
  • Public institution telephone book
  • Citizen gymnasium (on closed day, we place information such as usage guidances)